Why you Need a Home Security System for Protection

  • Rapes, murders and assaults happen during home invasions. A home security system protects you
  • Affordable rates and cheap or free equipment are a small price to pay considering what is at stake
  • Advanced features include wireless technology, home automation, mobile apps and more
  • Do not waste another minute. Get the peace of mind you desire and buy a home security system today

Defend Your Home Against Burglaries and Home Invasions

Defend Your Home
Home security is important to everyone but not everyone can afford a home security system. Having a tight budget does not, however, relegate someone to living in an unsafe environment. There are plenty of budget-friendly things people can do to improve their home security.

Location Location Location

Choose a neighborhood that has a low crime rate. The crime statistics for most neighborhoods can be found online or by paying a visit to your city’s police department. Safe neighborhoods also tend to be friendly neighborhoods where the people know each other and keep tabs on each other. Neighborhoods that have a neighborhood watch program, earn a huge check in the “pro” column.

Basic Home Safety

Daily safety habits are the best ways to keep your home as secured and safe as possible. Here are a few habits that you should develop:

If you have an automatic garage door, make sure you close the garage door after you turn off your car but before you get out of it.

Never open the door (or allow your kids to open the door) for strangers who just “drop by.”
Lock the door behind you when you get in to your house.

Make a round of your home every night to ensure that all of the doors and windows are locked and that the oven, stove, faucets and major electronics are turned off.

Stay in the room with workmen who come to do repair work or installation work. Pay attention to what they are doing and make sure that they don’t leave doors or windows open behind them when they leave.

Don’t use a “hide a key.” They are obvious. Burglars can spot them and know to check doormats, door frames, nearby windows and plants. Give a spare key to a neighbor you trust or a friend who lives close by. Do not allow your kids to share security information or keys for the house with their friends.

Check in with your family as you come and go. Phone or text when you arrive but before you get out of the car. Tell them when you are expected back.

Create an “in case of emergency” plan for hiding/staying safe if someone does break in to your home.
Work With the Police

Many cities have “home security inspection” programs that operate through local police departments. A police officer will come to your home and do a walk-through of it and the surrounding property. The goal is to identify areas of weakness that need to be secured to keep the home safe. The officer will help you come up with a plan for properly securing your home in as budget-friendly a manner as possible.

Keeping your home safe is obviously your top priority. Sometimes, though, affording a high tech security system is not something you can do. If your budget is tight, these tips can help you get started on properly securing your home. We suggest our #1 pick FrontPoint Security a great place to start looking for your needs.

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